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    Meet Our Therapists

    We understand that it is essential to feel connected to and comfortable with your therapist. We're dedicated to helping you find the best fit for your personality, needs, and goals. 


    We recommend browsing our therapist's profiles and noting who you initial connect with online. Then feel free to contact us to set up a complimentary initial 10 minute phone conversation with them prior to scheduling if you'd like! 

    The Brookhaven Center for Counseling & Wellness is a space where people can grow more fully into their authentic selves and achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual peace and wellness.

    Our private practice consists of a group of wellness practictioners who are dedicated to helping individuals find a deeper sense of peace and grow authentically. Our holistic services offer treatment for the whole person, by connecting all aspects of self. 



    Individual Psychotherapy

    Couples Psychotherapy

    Group Psychotherapy

    Individual Yoga Instruction

    Mindfulness Instruction

    Primary Care Behavioral Health Consultation


    Nutrition Counseling

    Massage Therapy

    Reiki Healing

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    Meade Fields, MS, LPC, NCC

    Psychotherapist Individual, Couples, & Group Therapy

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