Gift Yourself This Holiday Season

So, we have reached the end of another year. For many, the end of the year brings along reflection, feelings of accomplishment and excitement for what’s ahead in the new year. This season may also bring challenging feelings such as sadness, anxiety and pure exhaustion! During this season, we may have a particularly difficult time tending to the challenges that this season may bring. We are spending a significant amount of time giving to others, which may get in the way of making sure we are giving to ourselves. We are giving in multiple ways. We give our energy, our time, our money, and various aspects of ourselves. We give to our families, friends, employers, communities and more. It’s the

Changing Your Negative Self-Talk: “Going Through the Motions” to Retrain Your Brain

I used to co-lead a body acceptance group, and part of the “check-in” for the group was that each member had to say something positive about the way their body looked. It was a difficult exercise for them because most of them were so used to mentally berating their bodies- they were engrained in their negative self talk. Many of them would “go through the motions” of the check-in, and others would struggle intensely with this part. Inevitably, someone would begrudgingly check in with something like, “I like my thighs” and then immediately say, “I said it, but I don’t BELIEVE it.” I would say, “That’s ok. You don’t have to believe it yet, but you have to practice saying it.” The point is, by

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