Online Therapy


Certain circumstances may call for the use of online counseling support, including therapy via a hipaa compliant video service.  Though we'd love to see your wonderful face IN PERSON, we know this isn't always an option. 

 If you're interested in online therapy services, we can help.

We understand that many things impede our ability to get to therapy. Sometimes, physical location, scheduling, and distance become obstacles. We want to remove as many of those obstacles as we can, so that you can build a

quality therapeutic relationship and truly start to heal. 


Generally, even when we utilize online therapy, our therapists like to meet you for your first session in person and then periodically in person throughout your work together (if possible).


If you'd like more information about online video counseling via a hipaa compliant portal, please contact us.  

Please note,  for licensure reasons, you must reside in the states of Georgia or Indiana in order to work with our therapists online. All of our therapists have completed the telemental health training requirements in the state of GA.

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